The Föli water bus will take passengers from the Aura River to Ruissalo in the coming summer

18.05.2017 10:42

The Föli water bus will take passengers from the Aura River to Ruissalo in the coming summer

The Föli water bus will operate every day from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm between 22 May and 13 August 2017. The stops planned for the water bus are located at the Martinsilta bridge, the visitor boat dock and the Ruissalo Folk Park, and possibly at the Ruissalo shipyard. The total travel time with stops included will be around 30 minutes. The first departure of the day will take place at 10.00 am from Martinsilta and the last one at 5.30 pm from Ruissalo. There will be eight departures a day from both termini.

The stops will be replanned separately for large events such as the Ruisrock and Tall Ships Races festivals.

The water bus has 75 seats, and passengers can also bring their bicycles. If many people bring bicycles, the capacity will be around 30–50 people and their bicycles. The vessel will be easy to board with bicycles, and the stop platforms will facilitate a safe and optimally quick passage on board.

The water bus can be used with a Föli ticket

The water bus will become a part of Föli’s public transport system, and it can be used with the same ticket products as the other methods of transport. Like on a regular bus, you can purchase a single ticket or load your travel card on the water bus. The fares match those of regular bus transport. For example, a single ticket costs €3 for an adult and €1.50 for a child, you can use your travel card to pay for the water bus ride, and the sum charged from your card matches that of a regular bus ride. There is no charge for passengers travelling with a baby or child in a pram or pushchair, and children under the age of 7 are also allowed to accompany a paying passenger free of charge. The only difference from the regular bus fares is that no extra fee is charged for bicycles.

For more information about the public transport rates, please see the Föli price table.

The results of the trial will determine the future of the service

The goal of the water bus trial is to promote tourism and increase the attractiveness of Turku as a public transport city by the sea. The water bus allows for an easy transport of bicycles free of charge. It will increase the attractiveness of public transport, especially in the summer months.

The results of the trial will determine whether the Föli water bus service will be continued in future summers as well. Information such as the number of users and user feedback will be collected from the trial. If the results of the water bus trial turn out to be positive, financing for the water bus will be included in the budget proposals for the coming years as well. In this case, the service will also be tendered.

If carried out, the tender for the water bus transport will aim to ensure accessible mobility, as is the case with the other forms of public transport in the Turku urban region.




04.12.2017 13:53
Föli mobile app now also includes the Föli Journey Planner.
09.11.2017 11:54
Föli’s mobile application currently offers a 30-day mobile season ticket as a trial.