The joint tickets are available for purchase with Föli’s mobile application.

During the summer, joint tickets for Föli and Steamship s/s Ukkopekka are available for purchase with the mobile application of the Turku region public transport Föli. The joint ticket includes a one-way trip aboard s/s Ukkopekka from Turku to Naantali or vice versa, and a Föli single ticket with a two-hour right of transfer. The prices of the joint tickets vary depending on the day and time of departure. The prices are €9, €16 and €22. Children travel for half price!


The ticket availability for each departure can be checked beforehand with Föli’s mobile application. The joint tickets are only available with Föli’s mobile application.


Föli single tickets can be activated (taken into use) 7 days before or after Ukkopekka’s time of departure marked on the ticket. You can purchase multiple tickets at the same time via the app.


S/S Ukkopekka operates between 8 June and 16 August from Tuesday to Saturday at 10am and 2 pm from Turku to Naantali, and at 12 noon and 4pm from Naantali to Turku. You can travel from Naantali back to Turku on Föli lines 6 and 7 on weekdays every ten minutes. On summer nights, some of the departures of Föli lines 6 and 7 will depart from Maariankatu in Naantali Old Town towards Turku, so you can also board the buses right by Ukkopekka’s quay.


Steamship s/s Ukkopekka is responsible for the ship voyage. For more information on this part of the trip and practices aboard the ship, please refer to Höyrylaivaosakeyhtiö s/s Ukkopekka:

Compose a schedule suitable for you



From Turku at 10  –  in Naantali at 11.45
From Naantali 12 - in Turku 13.45
From Turku 14 - in Naantali 15.45
From Naantali 16 - in Turku 17.45


Föli, lines 6 and 7

From Naantali to Turku
From Turku to Naantali

Departure harbours in Turku and Naantali

In Turku, Ukkopekka departs from the quay in front of the restaurant Vaakahuoneen Paviljonki at Linnankatu 40, 20100 Turku. See the location on the map.


In Naantali, Ukkopekka departs from the Old Town harbour. See the location on the map.


In Naantali, there is also a backup quay, which is used when necessary due to weather. The backup quay is located 200 metres further along Rantakatu from the main quay. See the location on the map.

Download Föli’s mobile application!

Föli’s mobile application is available for download for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices at the phone’s app store. Find the application at the store for example by searching for “Föli” or by clicking on your own app store at You can use the application to purchase Föli’s mobile tickets, load your travel card and find a suitable route with the journey planner.