Föli to launch a contactless payment trial period

18.12.2020 16:00

Föli to launch a contactless payment trial period

Föli will introduce contactless payment as a payment option in January, allowing passengers to pay for their trip with a debit or credit card. The trial period for this new payment method will begin on 19th of December for line 1, which operates between the harbour, city centre and airport in Turku. During this period, passengers can pay for their trip on line 1 buses by showing their contactless debit or credit card to the card reader. The payment card will act as the bus ticket, instead of a paper ticket. When using contactless payment during the trial period, the right to transfer will only apply to line 1 buses, because contactless payment is not yet available for other lines. Föli buses will continue to accept all the payment methods currently in use, including cash.

Some problems with contactless payment may occur during the test period. The purpose of the trial is to identify any problems and make the necessary adjustments to the system before the contactless payment method is expanded to cover the entire Föli fleet.  If the contactless payment option is not working, the customers must buy their tickets by using some other method, e.g. with the Föli application or by cash from the driver. Föli would like to hear your feedback about any problems, particularly if you have been unable to use your payment card on a bus. Please send your feedback via opaskartta.turku.fi/eFeedback/en.

The system calculates the cheapest possible ticket for the customer

Contactless payment is easy. The payment card is placed onto the reader device; the device will not ask for your PIN. The reader will beep and display the text ‘lähimaksu hyväksytty’ (contactless payment accepted). The passenger can go sit down; no ticket will be printed. The payment card or device must be shown to the bus reader device on every trip. So if the customer travels on several different buses within the two-hour transfer period, the payment card must be shown to the reader every time when boarding a bus.

When using contactless payment, a single ticket has the normal price of 3 euros and includes a 2-hour right of transfer. However, the final price of the ticket is determined by the number of purchases and trips so that the passenger always receives the cheapest possible ticket. For example, if the customer purchases a third single ticket within 24 hours (the normal price being 3 x €3 = €9), the price of the contactless payment ticket will be changed to that of a daily ticket (€8). There are currently three price ceilings: single ticket, daily ticket and seven-day ticket. The contactless payment calculates the most affordable price (single ticket 2 h, 1 day or 7 days). 

The charges and trips can be checked on Föli’s online loading service. A receipt can also be printed there.

A trip can be paid for with any bank’s Visa, Mastercard or Eurocard payment card equipped with the contactless payment feature, as well as devices (Apple Pay, Apple Watch or Google Pay). Not all credit cards are accepted; Diners Club and American Express do not work, for example. The customer must use the same payment card or mobile device on each trip in order for the amount to be charged to be correct.

A single payment card or mobile device equipped with the contactless payment feature can only be used to pay for one person’s trips, so for the time being, one cannot use a payment card to pay for their child’s trip, for example. 

Read more: https://www.foli.fi/en/contactless-payment




04.12.2020 08:30
The trial period for the new payment method will begin on 19/12 in route No 1.