The Föli commuter ticket is an environmentally friendly benefit that encourages employees to use public transport. It will also benefit those already using Föli buses.

Tax-exempt benefit up to €300

For employees, the commuter ticket is a tax-exempt benefit up to €300. The maximum price for the commuter ticket for the employer is 25 euros a month, whereas the 30-day season ticket at a normal price would cost the employee 30 euros a month. The price for the 90-day season ticket is 73 euros, i.e. only approximately 25 euros per month.


The employer will not have to pay non-wage labour costs for the tax-exempt proportion of the employee benefit. Furthermore, the cost of the commuter ticket is tax deductible for the employer. The commuter ticket can be ordered at any time. The benefit is fiscal year specific.


How to use the Föli commuter ticket

The commuter ticket is a personal benefit that employees may use to load their Föli card. The price of a 30-day Föli season ticket is 55 euros and the price of a 90-day ticket is 148 euros – this means that employees may get a normal price commuter ticket for as little as 25 euros per month.


Employees can load the benefit onto their card in the Föli online loading service. The commuter card can be used freely on Föli in Turku, Kaarina, Naantali, Raisio, Lieto and Rusko. The commuter ticket is accepted in all forms of Föli transport, buses and water buses. The use of Föli city bikes is also included in the commuter ticket. To gain access rights, users must register as a city bike user and connect their Föli card (commuter ticket) and payment card with their user profile. Journeys exceeding 30 minutes are subject to an additional fee, which is charged directly from the payment card. Read more about Föli city bikes.

Employer, employ the Föli commuter card

You can start using Föli commuter cards in your company by e-mailing us at


Commuter ticket benefits


  • Up to 300 euros of tax-free benefits for employees
  • No non-wage labour costs for the employer – the cost of acquiring the tickets is also tax-deductible
  • An alternative to company cars or other employee benefits
  • A way to put an eco-friendly corporate strategy into practice
  • Helps reinforce the positive employer image


Employee benefits to suit everyone


The commuter ticket is an excellent choice among employee benefits. Because the commuter ticket is a fringe benefit, you do not have to offer it to all employees under the same conditions – unlike other employee benefits, such as sports benefits. You can, for example, restrict the Föli commuter ticket benefits to employees who do not have use of a company car or their own parking space.


Versatile employee benefits will ease recruitment, make it easier to offer equal benefits and develop your employer image.