Föli buses now outfitted with hand sanitiser dispensers

29.04.2020 08:07

Föli buses now outfitted with hand sanitiser dispensers

Hand sanitiser is now available on all of Föli’s 190 buses currently in operation.

Föli recommends keeping a greater-than-normal distance from other passengers when boarding a bus. The use of buses should also be timed outside of peak periods, insofar as possible.

Föli buses do not currently accept cash, meaning that you cannot load your travel card or purchase single tickets from buses. You can pay for your bus trip with a travel card, a mobile ticket purchased via the Föli application or a pre-purchased paper single ticket. Single tickets can be purchased from Föli ticket machines and Föli service points. We recommend that you load your travel card via the online loading service.

Föli has increased its bus departure time intervals as of 6 April. Föli buses currently operate in accordance with midsummer timetables.

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) has issued a recommendation that hand sanitiser should be made available whenever hand-washing is not possible. Disinfectant stations are recommended on public transport vehicles, for example.



29.05.2020 12:07
Cash payment on buses will become possible as of 1 June 2020.
29.05.2020 09:43
It is estimated that contactless payment will be introduced in Föli traffic this autumn.