Föli’s winter timetable period starting as normal on 21 September

29.09.2020 12:35

Föli’s winter timetable period starting as normal on 21 September

Föli will be switching to winter timetables on Monday 21 September. Föli’s traffic volume will remain the same as in previous winters, but some reductions will be made from 1 November onwards. 

Winter timetable booklets are available from all Föli loading and service points, including all of the area’s Prismas and R-kioskis. 

Requested connection from Jäkärlä to Yli-Maaria starting up

The switch to winter timetables will introduce route changes to lines running to Jäkärlä. The routes of lines 22, 22B, 22C, school line 78 and night line 82 are being changed to run via Pyhän Marian tie, providing a regular connection from Jäkärlä to the Ypsilon Community Centre, among other places. 

The route of line 22 is being changed to run via Yli-Maaria and Moisio instead of Paimalantie. Line 22C will switch to a faster route on the section between Moisio and Turku Airport, running via Tampereen valtatie. School line 78 will only run in the afternoons and serve pupils traveling towards Auvaismäentie. Pupils living in Jäkärlä can reach their schools using lines 22 and 22C. 

Service to Kuhankuono to continue until the start of November

Föli provides service to Kuhankuono in Kurjenrahka National Park in the summer seasons. This year, in response to requests from customers, the service will continue past the autumn season, up to 1 November. Kuhankuono can be reached on weekends using lines 21 and 23.

Service reductions due to financial reasons as of 1 November

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has had a negative impact on Föli’s ticket sales. Because of this, Föli will be reducing some of its services as of 1 November to improve its financial situation. As of 1 November, commuter lines 58, 80, 90, 91, 92 and 93, and peak hour lines 7A and 32 will be discontinued. These lines will be initially discontinued for the duration of the winter timetable period, meaning until 25 April 2021, but Föli may also restore them before this, situation permitting.