Föli’s summer timetable period starts on Monday 24 April 2017

18.05.2017 10:42

Föli’s summer timetable period starts on Monday 24 April 2017

Föli’s summer timetable period starts on Monday 24 April 2017. Changes are made to routes on lines 7, 42, 52, 90, 99, 220, and 221, as well as lines running within Lieto. The changes are described briefly below.

  •  Stops 287 and 341 (the Cygnaeus School, Cygnaeuksen koulu) on Maariankatu are no longer used starting on 24 April. The nearest stops will be towards Puutori (no. 286 and 472, Puutori).
  • The route of line 7 from Naantali to the Market Square is changed in the centre of Turku. The line will now run on Maariankatu – Kauppiaskatu – Eerikinkatu – Market Square (Kauppatori) T32. Otherwise, the line will remain the same.
  • The terminus of lines 42, 90, and 99 in Perno is changed from the Ankkurikylänkatu turnaround to the factory gate.
  • The terminus of lines 220 and 221 is changed from Länsinummi to Shopping Centre Mylly. The route for the lines to Mylly from the centre of Raisio will also change as follows: The current route: Soininkatu - Sarkamaantie - Myllynkatu - Shopping Centre Mylly. The route as the line leaves the Mylly terminus will remain as is.
  • Lines L4, L7, and L13, which run within Lieto, will stop running for the duration of school holidays, and they will be replaced with demand responsive transport.
  • Line L12 within Lieto will stop running on 5 June 2017.
  • Line L15 within Lieto will stop running on 24 April 2017.
  • The demand responsive traffic in Lieto is renewed starting on 24 April 2017 by dividing the municipality into several demand areas, each of which will have transport on certain days of the week. Line L8 will run in the Pettinen, Raukkala, Saukonoja, Pyhältö, Yliskulma, Mahlio, and Kilpiö areas on Tuesdays. Line L9 will run in the Ilmarinen, Rauhakylä, Vintala, Kaurinkoski, Asemanseutu, Sikilä, Päivästö, and Arosuo areas on Mondays. Line L10 will run in the Littoinen, Vanhalinna, Loukinainen, Sillilä, Vierunpuisto, Suopohja, Ketola, and Kärpijoki areas on Thursdays. Line L11 will run in the Tarvasjoki and Liedonperä areas on Wednesdays and Fridays. These demand responsive lines will run between the afore-mentioned areas and the centre of Lieto.



04.12.2017 13:53
Föli mobile app now also includes the Föli Journey Planner.
09.11.2017 11:54
Föli’s mobile application currently offers a 30-day mobile season ticket as a trial.