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Turku region traffic
Marja-Leena Kostamo

One third of Föli's kilometres are driven electronically



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About 4.6 million kilometres of Föli traffic is driven on an electric bus instead of a diesel bus every year. This is about a third of the total kilometres driven. Each year, 5,800 tons of CO2 emissions are averted.

The first six electric buses started operating in 2016. A big leap towards electric transport happened in summer 2021 when 55 new electric buses started in Föli operations. More electric buses will join traffic already next year. EU regulations and the City of Turku's carbon neutrality targets direct public transport towards more electronic vehicles.

‘Electric buses have a positive impact on the comfort of the living environment since they are very quiet. Direct carbon dioxide emissions are significantly reduced and there are no local emissions,’ says Public Transport Director Sirpa Korte.

Enjoy travelling on electric buses

You can find electric buses on the bus lines within Turku and on the regional routes to Naantali, Raisio, Lieto and Kaarina. Marja-Leena Kostamo from Turku has already travelled on an electric bus several times.

‘In the summer, I took an electric bus to Naantali with a friend. The outside was stifling hot but inside the electric bus, it was wonderfully cool. And the trip was so quiet and comfortable,’ Kostamo says happily.

Kostamo lives in downtown Turku and has given up her car a few years ago. The active pensioner now travels everywhere by bus or bicycle.

‘Travelling by bus is so carefree, affordable and easy. I always recommend Föli to all my friends,’ says Kostamo.


You can take an electric bus on lines 1, 6, 7, 7A, 8, 13, 31, 32, 42, 92, and 93.

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