Cultural path

Cultural path

From May 1st onwards people in the center of Turku have access to new experiences via the so called “Cultural Path”. All the citybikes and citybike stations in Turku create a unique, never before seen digital network and surroundings that stretches from the port of the city all the way to the Kupittaa area.

*Please note: This service is available only in Finnish. The contents in English are under construction.

The bikes and bike stations connect users to a tailored digital content that consists of route guides, cultural information and local businesses.

  • 300 Föli citybikes
  • 30 bike stations
  • 3 movable pop-up stations
  • dozens of cultural destinations
  • public services
  • events
  • local businesses


The digital offering is all placed in an application, to which users can access through different ways and techniques, for example via Bluetooth, NFC-tags and QR codes. The content is also accessible to users from the web address regardless of their device or physical location.

The users do not have to download anything or give access to their personal data in order to use this service.

  • This application is divided in four categories
  • Nearby services (local businesses)
  • Cultural Path (sights)
  • Citybike stations (locations)
  • Share your experiences (Google Local Guides)


Turku is a forerunner in digital environments, with 180 of the regional traffic’s buses already having digital environments installed by Outdoor advertising company Laulava Ovipumppu Oy.

This strengthens the already existing collaboration with the city even more. The digital environment linked to the citybike-share system enables various kind of information to be brought to citizen’s mobile phones and brings advertisers closer to the consumers in a whole new way, says the CEO of the company, Timo Kummala.

Laulava Ovipumppu is the largest outdoor advertising company selling adverts to buses in Finland, and one of the most significant names in the field of outdoor advertising. A yearly total of over 160 million bus rides occur in buses they advertise in.

Interested in advertising in the digital environment? Please contact:

Local digital environment and digital advertising

Outdoor advertising company Laulava Ovipumppu Oy
Timo Kummala, CEO
tel. 0400 514 356,