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Turku region traffic

The effects of the coronavirus in Föli traffic

We will keep updating this page with information on the effects of coronavirus on Föli services.


Buses run with normal timetables.

If possible, avoid using public transport during peak hours (7–9 and 14–17). The buses going to Turku centre in the morning and the buses departing from the centre in the afternoon are typically the fullest.

Maintain a safe distance. Try to keep a greater-than-normal distance from other passengers at stops and when boarding and exiting buses.  

Face masks are mandatory on Föli

All those aged 12 or over must wear a mask when using Föli public transport unless there is a health reason not to wear one. 

After using a disposable mask, please dispose of it as instructed. Please, do not leave the mask on the bus bench or in the bus trash bin. 

Please pay your trip with a travel card or a mobile ticket

For the time being, a single ticket cannot be paid in cash on the bus. A journey can be paid with contactless payment (debit or credit card or mobile device), a travel card or a ticket purchased via the Föli application. Customers can also purchase single and daily tickets at all R-kioski shops located in the Föli area and Föli ticket machines.

Read more: No more cash payments on Föli buses until further notice

Take care of hygiene

Take care of personal hygiene by washing your hands frequently. Föli buses have hand sanitiser available for passengers.

Cough into a tissue or your sleeve. If you are feeling ill, please avoid using public transport.

Contact us electronically

You can contact our customer service by phone or in the chat at



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