How do I collect the bike from a station after I have registered in Föli and bought the service?

To start using the bike, you will need a Föli Travel Card or a phone number that is entered to your user profile during registration. You may start using the bike by

1) pressing OK and setting the Föli card on the card reader located above the back tire. Wait until you hear a short sound signal and you can remove the cable lock. 


2) entering your phone number (358-xx-xxxxxxx)on the keyboard located above the back tire and pressing OK. Then, enter the personal six-digit PIN code defined during the registration and press OK. After that, you will hear a short sound signal and you can remove the cable lock.

Check the bike, adjust the saddle and enjoy your ride.

Later on, it will be possible to start using the bike also with a mobile application, and instructions concerning this will be available when the application is in use. 

How should the bike be returned to the station after the ride?

After the ride, the user returns the bike to any of the city bike stations. The user confirms the returning of the bike by pressing the OK button on the keyboard and then locks the bike to an empty space in the rack and pulls the cable lock inside the handlebar to the place appointed for the cable. After this, you will hear a signal sound after you have returned the bike successfully.



  • 1 Port
  • 2 Turun linna
  • 3 Forum Marinum
  • 4 Varvintori
  • 5 Föri
  • 6 Vaakahuone
  • 7 Puistokatu
  • 8 Ursininkatu
  • 9 Eerikinkatu
  • 10 Humalistonkatu
  • 11 Central railway station
  • 12 Kävelykatu
  • 13 Kristiinankatu
  • 14 Kaupungintalo
  • 15 Vähätori
  • 16 Brahenkatu
  • 17 Puutori
  • 18 Bus station
  • 19 Tuomiokirkko
  • 20 Piispankatu
  • 21 Ikituuri
  • 22 Assistentinpolku
  • 23 Hämeenkatu
  • 24 T-sairaala
  • 25 Kurjenkaivonkenttä
  • 26 Kupittaa railway station
  • 27 Datacity
  • 28 Kupittaanpuisto
  • 29 Kirjastosilta
  • 30 Kaupunginteatteri
  • 31 Kupittaankatu
  • 32 Kunnallissairaala
  • 33 Martti
  • 34 Water bus
  • 35 Skanssi
  • 36 Merimiehenkatu (not in the map)
  • 37 Rolan Oy / Nummi (not in the map)
City bikes stations and private ownership

Also private parties can contribute to the expansion of the city bike-share system station network by purchasing a 10 or 15-place bike station to their own land. More information on  privately owned bikestations from folifillarit(a)



Föli bikes as a part of a season ticket

The use of Föli bikes (max. 30 min per use) is included in the following normally priced season ticket products:


  • season tickets for 30 days or more
  • annual free card
  • so-called Kela card of upper vocational training students
  • direct payment card (note that this is not the same as value card)
  • continuously valid Travel Card
  • holder-specific season ticket.


You can identify as a user using the Föli travel card or your phone number and a PIN code. During the trial period season ticket owners must use their Föli travel card for identification when using the bikes.


Pricing without a season ticket                      

You can choose one day EUR 5, one week EUR 10 or annual payment EUR 40 (365 days) as the duration of the use right.

You can use a city bike for up to five hours at a time.

All options include the free-of-charge 30 minutes for each use period. With each option, you can use the bike as many times as you want. After the first 30 minutes, each starting hour will be charged from the user.


Other ticket products

Travelers can buy their own ticket product that combines the public transport and the Föli bikes. More information to come.


Product is valid from point of purchase onwards.


PDF iconTerms and conditions of use.pdf

Frequently asked questions


What is the bike-sharing system?

The city bike-share system consists of bikes that are for public use and which can be picked up and dropped off at bike stations. It is also possible to leave the bike locked for a short time at a place other than a bike station—for example, when visiting a store.


The “Föli-fillarit” city bikes provide a quick and easy way of getting around the city centre and are meant mainly for short-term use. The bikes will be available all year round and in winter they are equipped with winter tyres.


How does the system work?

The city bike-share system is a part of Föli Turku Region Traffic and the system is based on user identification, which makes the system safe and helps to minimise the risk of misuse.

The subscriber of the system is the City of Turku and it is a part of the sustainable mobility project CIVITAS ECCENTRIC. The supplier of the system is Nextbike Polska S.A.

In co-operation with