Bike for a month or a single ride

The pricing of the city bike depends on the access rights and possible fees for extra time.


The usage time is half an hour, an additional fee is added exceeding the half an hour

The city bikes are meant mainly for short-term use and the included bike ride without additional fees is limited to 30 minutes to ensure that there are city bikes available. You can use the city bike for up to five hours at a time, and after the first 30 minutes, each starting hour will be charged from the user according to the table.


Ride with Föli bikes as a part of a season ticket

The use of Föli bikes is included in most of the priced season ticket products. To get access rights, the user must register and connect a payment card and a Föli-card to the profile — you can also log in with the account used to charge your Föli-card online. For bike rides longer than 30 minutes, an additional fee is charged from the payment card.


Owners of a Föli season ticket can use the bike only by using the Föli-card

The use of Föli bikes is included in the following normally priced season ticket products:


  • season tickets for 30 days or more
  • annual free card
  • so-called Kela card of upper vocational training students
  • direct payment card (note that this is not the same as value card)
  • continuously valid Travel Card
  • holder-specific season ticket.


Parallel cards of regional public transport cards cannot be used complimentary, since it is not agreed with the regional public transport municipalities. It is not possible to use the school cards paid by the municipalities for Föli bikes. Tupla-cards do not include the possibility to use the bikes.



How to use the Föli-bikes




  • 1 Port
  • 2 Turun linna
  • 3 Forum Marinum
  • 4 Varvintori
  • 5 Föri
  • 6 Vaakahuone
  • 7 Puistokatu
  • 8 Ursininkatu
  • 9 Eerikinkatu
  • 10 Humalistonkatu
  • 11 Central railway station
  • 12 Kävelykatu
  • 13 Kristiinankatu
  • 14 Kaupungintalo
  • 15 Vähätori
  • 16 Brahenkatu
  • 17 Puutori
  • 18 Bus station
  • 19 Tuomiokirkko
  • 20 Piispankatu
  • 21 Ikituuri
  • 22 Assistentinpolku
  • 23 Hämeenkatu
  • 24 T-sairaala
  • 25 Kurjenkaivonkenttä
  • 26 Kupittaa railway station
  • 27 Datacity
  • 28 Kupittaanpuisto
  • 29 Kirjastosilta
  • 30 Kaupunginteatteri
  • 31 Kupittaankatu
  • 32 Kunnallissairaala
  • 33 Martti
  • 34 Water bus
  • 35 Skanssi
  • 36 Merimiehenkatu (not in the map)
  • 37 Rolan Oy / Nummi (not in the map)
  • 38 Portsa (not in the map)
  • 39 Orion (not in the map)



There are two POP-UP-stations, that are normal city bike stations that stay in one place for a short time ranging from a few days to a few months. Thanks to the POP-UP stations it is possible to test future station locations and fill the system, e.g. when there is an event. The POP-UP-station’s locations are written down below. You can check how many bikes are available from the Föli Journey Planner. You can send in suggestions on locations for POP-UP-stations via the feedback service (choose “city bikes” as the subject).



Prisma Itäharju, December 4th - February

Annikanaukio, Varissuo, December 4th - February


Check the locations of the POP-UP-stations from the Föli Journey Planner.



City bikes stations and private ownership


Also private parties can contribute to the expansion of the city bike-share system station network by purchasing a 10 or 15-place bike station to their own land. More information on  privately owned bikestations from folifillarit(a)

To make it easier to use the bikes, data has been created using the following applications and websites:

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