The public transport hub will be moved to Aurakatu and Linnankatu on 24 September

The construction project of the Turku Market Square is set to continue on the streets surrounding the square throughout autumn. The public transport hub will be moved to Aurakatu and Linnankatu on 24 September 2018. Public transport will adopt new temporary routes until the completion of the new Market Square.

Central bus stops

The location of central bus stops will change on all routes, with the exception of routes 50, 51, 53, 54, P1 and P3 as well as routes 8 and 300–303, which were moved to Puutori earlier.

The public transport hub will be moved to the intersection of Aurakatu and Linnankatu. Of the current bus stops on the Market Square, stops T1– T4 on Aurakatu and stops T41–T42 on Eerikinkatu will remain in use. The new central stops on Aurakatu are numbered T11–T14 and the new stops on Linnankatu are numbered T82–T89.
• In the future, routes 20, 21–23, 206, 401–403, 700–709 and P2 will also terminate on Puutori. The departure stops on Puutori are numbered PT1– PT5.
• The terminus of route 801 will be moved to the bus station (platform 2). 

The central bus stops from 24 September onwards

The central bus stops during the night traffic, from 24 September onwards

Bus stops at Puutori

Routes to the city centre

The route to the city centre will change on all routes, with the exception of routes 12, P1 and P3.

• The majority of the routes that crossed Tuomiokirkkosilta earlier will run to the city centre via Auransilta in the future. Routes that will be running along Tuomiokirkkosilta are 3, 30, 50, 51, 53, 54, 55, 56, 221, P1 and the services of routes 32A, 60, 61 and 610–615 terminating in the city centre. Also line 55A to Halinen crosses Tuomiokirkkosilta.
• All routes moved to new central stops running via Aninkaistensilta (with the exception of route 1) will be running via Aninkaistensilta–Läntinen Pitkäkatu–Brahenkatu–Linnankatu–city centre. Routes away from the city centre run along Linnankatu–Brahenkatu–Maariankatu–Aninkaisten-katu–Aninkaistensilta. Route 1 will run via Brahenkatu, Eerikinkatu and Aninkaistenkatu in both directions.

• Also line 1 will run via Läntinen Pitkäkatu and Brahenkatu from 22 October onwards.
• The services of route 1 from the harbour to the city centre run along Linnankatu–Eskelinkatu–Eerikinkatu–Aurakatu–city centre.
• Routes 14 and 15 will be running to the city centre via Myllysilta and from the city centre via Martinsilta.
• New stops will be constructed on Puutori: Stop 13 Puutori on Brahenkatu (towards the city centre) and stop 42 Puutori on Maariankatu (towards Aninkaistenkatu).

Turku Market Square Being Renewed into an International Gem

The renovation of Turku Market Square was launched in the spring with archeological excavations. During this three-year project, the Market Square will be renewed into a modern and convenient market venue.


The renewal will bring to the Market Square new selling spaces, an events stage, and space for a comfortable urban living room. Also pavilion structures will be constructed.


The construction works for the New Market Square and the underground car park have been estimated to be finished in 2021. The share of the City of Turku in the renovation of the Market Square is 30 million euros. Turun Toriparkki Oy is the constructor of the Market Square car park project.