For businesses

For businesses

Employer-subsidised transport tickets are a form of benefit from the employer to the employee in order to support a smooth and environmentally friendly way of commuting. Föli also offers other ways for businesses to make the use of public transport easier for their employees.

Commuter vouchers

Commuter vouchers are a handy way to provide employer-subsidised transport tickets. The voucher works in the same way as a lunch voucher. Employers buy the vouchers and then distribute them amongst their employees. Föli also uses an electronic commuter voucher. In comparison to the paper version, the electronic voucher is easier to use from the employer’s point of view. Employees utilise the electronic commuter vouchers either in their mobile phones or in separate chip cards.

Employees can use the vouchers by loading them onto their travel card in Föli service points. Commuter vouchers can also be loaded onto value cards, making the job benefit attractive to occasional users of public transport too.

Paper commuter vouchers are ordered by filling out an ordering form by email. The commuter vouchers are sent to the employer by registered letter. The electronic commuter voucher is offered by three operators: Eazybreak Oy, Smartum Oy and Edenred Finland Oy.

More information on commuter vouchers.

Invoiced customers

As invoiced customers for Föli, companies can buy and load the different tickets and products offered by Föli, such as value and season cards. Normally priced travel cards are holder-specific, so companies can purchase value cards for shared use amongst their employees, for example. Ticket prices are as mentioned in the price list, and they are invoiced monthly.

Companies or communities can become invoiced customers by applying to Föli by email at joukkoliikenne(a) The terms of the customership are agreed upon more precisely in the invoicing agreement. Invoicing is not available to private customers, as the invoicing services are only offered to businesses and communities.

Real-time timetable displays

The next departures in nearby bus stops can easily be monitored on a TV screen in each company’s lobby, for example, via internet web browser. In order to view timetables, a suitable monitor screen and an internet connection are the only things required. On the timetable display screen, both the employees and customers can check the next departure times for buses. Real-time timetable displays can be viewed in the address You can choose any stops in the map by clicking the map or by typing the name or number of the bus stop. The next departures from the stops open up in a new page. The number of rows visible in the timetable display can be controlled by typing a text in the toolbar, for example &pagerows=4 (shows 4 rows, the default value is 16 rows).

A paper version of the stop timetable shows the estimated times of departure, and it can be printed from the Pysäkkitulosteet tab on the same webpage.

Föli mobile service point

The Föli mobile service point can be encountered in events and businesses, for example. In the mobile service point, it is possible to buy and load Föli’s most popular cards and ask questions about the public transport services. You can ask for the mobile service point to visit your business by emailing joukkoliikenne(a)