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Turku region traffic

‘Varför London, vi har ju Föli,’ (‘Why London, when we have Föli’) asks the double-decker Föli bus






The fleet of the Turku Region Public Transport Föli is being completed with a double-decker bus. The bus will be tested in the Föli traffic for three weeks from 12 September to 3 October 2019. The bus will run on lines 6 and 7, running through Turku to Naantali, Raisio, Lieto, and Kaarina.

Yellow was selected as the colour of the double-decker bus in order to make it easier to recognise as part of Föli traffic. The text ‘Varför London, vi har ju Föli’ (‘Why London, when we have Föli’) is printed on the sides of the bus, as adapted from the phrase ‘Varför Paris, vi har ju Åbo’ (‘Why Paris, when we have Turku’) used by the Uuden muotoilun yhdistys (UMY) design association. The question was presented by the Swedish-language press in 1964 after the launch of the Juniper line by industrial art designer Timo Sarpaneva. The UMY association brought the question back to life through the posters and cloth bags made for the Turku Design Festival in spring 2012. Today, the iconic phrase is available on several support products of the UMY.

The departures where the double-decker bus is used can be checked on the Föli website

The bus will run all day in order to allow both commuters and leisure passengers to try it out. The other cars running lines 6 and 7 are ordinary Föli buses. You can check the schedule of the double-decker bus on the Föli website at

The line is long, over one hour in total on the bus. So if you want to be sure to ride on the double-decker bus, check the departures it runs on the Föli website before going to the stop, advises Transport Director Sirpa Korte.

The double-decker bus will be tested on the much used regional lines, because Föli wants to collect customer experiences and the views of the drivers from a wide area. The effects of the different kind of bus on the travel times, for example, are also monitored. The experiment will help Föli to plan for traffic in the future. The aim is to also delight the customers by allowing them a slightly different way of commuting, for example.

The bus accepts all types of Föli tickets

The double-decker bus has a low floor, allowing passengers to board it on a walker or wheelchair, as well as with pushchairs. Access to the second floor is by stairs. The bus has less space for pushchairs, wheelchairs, and walkers than normal Föli buses. Due to the narrow corridor, we recommend passengers with a walker to board the bus through the centre door.

The bus will be borrowed from VDL Bus & Coach Finland Oy, which is one of the largest bus manufacturers in Europe. From Turku, the double-decker bus will continue to Italy, where it will be exhibited.

The bus borrowed by Föli is equipped similarly to the buses running in everyday transport use in Italy. If double-decker buses were to be acquired for the use of Föli, their interior space would be somewhat different to this individual being tested. For example, there would be more room for pushchairs and walkers, says Managing Director Henrik Mikkola.

The double-decker bus accepts all Föli travel cards and other ticket products, and single tickets can be bought through the mobile application or from the driver with cash, just like on any other bus.


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