Update to the Buses on the map service

22.05.2017 14:01

Update to the Buses on the map service

The Buses on the map service shows the location of all operating buses in real time. The map template of the service has been updated, and the locations of the buses are based on their actual locations, even more reliably than before. Now, you have the option to add your favourite stops to the service and view stop-specific schedules.

The new Buses on the map service is available at live.foli.fi. The old version will be available at the old address reittiopas.foli.fi/bussit, until further notice.




09.11.2017 11:54
Föli’s mobile application currently offers a 30-day mobile season ticket as a trial.
20.10.2017 07:58
Other electronic commuter vouchers are in use as well.
18.09.2017 09:14
The major changes apply to lines 8, 55, 58, 206, R1, R2, N1, N2 and the new line 7A.