On this page you can find the timetables for regional lines, the inner lines of Turku, Kaarina, Raisio, Naantali and Lieto, as well night buses, commute lines, school lines and service lines. The timetables listed here are the same as the ones found in the timetable booklet distributed to households and companies. Possible exceptions to timetables are announced separately in the News section and not reflected in the timetables listed below. 


Summer timetables 

Summer timetables to come into effect on 24 April 2017

Regional lines


Inner lines in Turku

Night busses in Turku

Commute lines in Turku

School lines in Turku

  • PDF icon Lines 52, 73 and 74, summer
    • Line 52 Papinsaari/Haarla – Moikoinen – Kaskenkatu – Market place – Maariankatu
    • Line 73 Saramäki – Haaga – Halinen – Kärsämäki – Turun Lyseo
    • Line 74 Varissuo – Hannunniittu – Nummenpakka school
  • PDF iconLine 67, summer Katariina – Harittu – Ilpoinen school
  • PDF iconLine 72, summer Haarlan koulu – Kakskerta
  • PDF icon Line 77, 78 and 83, summer
    • Line 77 Paattinen – Turun Lyseo – Rieskalähde school
    • Line 78 Jäkärlä – Turun Lyseo
    • Line 83 Rieskalähde school – Vienola - Perno

Service lines in Turku

  • The service lines are a part of public transport. On the contrary to other public transport, the buses can make a stop outside the normal stop areas. The buses in the service lines are equipped with low floors and wide doors.

Water bus line


Inner lines in Kaarina


Inner lines in Raisio


Inner lines in Naantali


Inner lines in Lieto


Regional transport outside Föli