Stops and route maps

Stops and route maps

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Route Maps


Journey planner

Try Journey planner at!You can plan your journey by either entering the starting point and destination in the text fields or by selecting them on the map. You can also narrow down your search criteria by using the advanced search (including walk to/from the station and number of transfers). In addition to this you can also specify your desired departure or arrival time.

The search results display the five fastest connections between the start and destination points. More search results can be displayed by using the buttons below the results. The search results are based on planned timetables and real-time location data from currently operating buses.

You can also use the journey planner to search for timetables based on stop name or number. The name and number of each bus stop is displayed on the bus stop sign, and the number can also be found on the Turku Map Service.

More information on how to use Föli timetable searches and journey planner.

Buses on the map

'Buses on the map' service shows the locations of all currently operating buses in real time. Click on a bus to display more detailed information about its route. To display bus stops, check the option on the right. To display stop names, simply zoom in on the map.